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To all our valued Customers,

The well being of our customers, employees and suppliers are of great importance to us. We continue to monitor the developments related to COVID-19 pandemic and are taking the necessary actions to ensure we continue to meet your business needs in a timely and safe manner.

All PDI facilities remain operational, and our production teams have the tools needed to safely continue to produce your work. PDI’s manufacturing, logistics and distribution operations fall within current Quebec and Canadian Governments’ guidance on “essential services” and commercial activities infrastructure.

Many of PDI’s sales and administrative employees continue to work from home and they are well equipped to support you remotely. PDI is dedicated to continuing to provide all the graphic communication services and products required to support your business, and this while maintaining the health and safety of all our stakeholders.

PDI Management



March 18, 2020

Update on PDI’s response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Over the past 10 days, our entire team has been focused on the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

First and foremost, we want to convey our utmost commitment to the safety of our staff and their families, our valued clients, our suppliers and the wider community.

The situation, as we all know, is very fluid and changing daily. We are responding accordingly and will continue to adjust our practices to align with the requirements and recommendations of our regional and national public health authorities.

We will be providing updates through our website and social media channels as our response to COVID-19 evolves.

As of today, we have taken the following measures:

Cleaning and Sanitization Measures

We implemented a series of strict cleaning and sanitizing measures throughout our facilities which involve all staff as well as our contracted cleaners.

Restricting Access to our Facilities

We are restricting outside access to our facilities to essential visits only. Onsite customer and supplier visits, including press checks, tours and meetings are no longer permitted until further notice. We have initiated an Internal Press Approval team who will coordinate directly with customers, as well as members of our Sales and Customer Support teams to ensure all quality expectations are met.

Protecting our Staff within our Workplace

We are implementing work-from-home measures for staff wherever possible. Our Sales team is working from home, as are other members of our office staff wherever possible. Within our workplace, we are adopting social distancing measures, restricting meetings and ensuring our staff can conduct their duties at a recommended distance from others.

Current Operations and Business Continuity Planning

At this time, PDI is operating with no anticipated interruptions within our supply chain. Given the extreme measures taken throughout the world, including Canada and the US, we understand and accept the possibility of a direct impact to our operations. As part of our business continuity planning, PDI has established partner facilities within Canada to enable continuity of production and we are preparing for this possible scenario should the need arise.

We are closely monitoring the situation and in ongoing dialogue with our partner facilities to adjust our business continuity plans as regional and national measures are announced. Should you require detailed information concerning PDI’s business continuity plans, please consult with your Account Representative or with your primary PDI contact.

We are committed to keeping all stakeholders informed and updated on our response to the COVID-19 outbreak and in doing our part in the global fight against this virus.

As we collectively work through these challenges, we thank you for your ongoing business and support.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback.




March 11, 2020

The world health community continue to closely monitor the emergence of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). At this time, it is not clear how severe this outbreak will be, but it continues to be of concern, prompting governments and organizations around the world to take significant and appropriate measures to limit the spread of the disease. Given the ongoing uncertainty, PDI is also taking proactive steps to address a number of health and business concerns. First and foremost, we want to maintain a safe workplace and adopt practices which protect the health of employees and their families, customers, suppliers, visitors and others in our community. We also want to ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of a pandemic.

We are posting and distributing a “Know the facts” document from Public Health Canada which provides a basic overview of COVID-19. Please review this material and we ask for your support to take all steps that reduce the risks of transmission in the workplace.

In addition to providing these educational resources, we are also taking the following steps to do our part in limiting the risks of the continued spread of COVID-19;

  • All non-essential international business travel will be limited during this outbreak
  • We are encouraging our office staff to utilize telephone and video conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings as much as possible (IT is available to support as necessary)
  • We ask staff who are planning any international travel (vacations or otherwise), to discuss these plans with your supervisor/manager in advance to ensure steps and considerations are taken to mitigate any risks of potential transmission when returning to work

Please note that is it critical that employees do not report to work while they are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills or fatigue. It is recommended that employees remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100 degrees F or 37.8 degrees C), without the use of fever-reducing medications. Many times, with the best of intentions, employees report to work even though they feel ill. PDI provided paid care time from this purpose to compensate employees who are unable to work due to illness.

It is important that staff take time to stay up to date on the latest developments concerning COVID-19. We recommend the following resources:

We are monitoring the situation closely and will adjust our policies in alignment with regional and national health recommendations. We will also strive to keep our workplaces clean and safe and our staff informed on best practices while we collectively work to prevent the spread of this virus.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.